Inflation or Deflation

Americas Monetary System in Crisis and How to Prepare For It


What’s in the report?

In this article I want to address an issue that I truly believe is the most important issue all of us will face in the 2010s. It is an issue that goes to the very heart of financial planning. The issue is whether our personally accumulated U.S. Dollars will become worth more as a global currency in the foreseeable future or in fact become altogether worthless as a monetary system by the end of this decade.

inflation and deflation

You could buy all the stocks and mutual funds you want in the 2010’s; buy all the best foreclosure real estate, stock up with piles and piles of all the gold and silver you want. But I’m telling you, if you call this shot wrong - Inflation of Deflation - your plans could all be for naught.

Who needs to read this report?

If you’re invested in real estate, oil, food futures or any other hard assets or commodities, what happened to those values when the last banking crisis hit in 2008? What if we have another banking crisis and no $800 Billion TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) to bail out the banks and keep the money supply liquid?

If you’re heavily invested in gold, do you know what happened to the price of gold after 1980, when the Federal Reserve Bank brought inflation under control with oppressive double-digit interest rates? Will you know when to get out of precious metals as well as when to get in?

If you’re in the stock market and have grown complacent with the rebound in the last year, will you forget the lessons of 2008?

If you’re in cash in the bank, your going to learn something very new about the FDIC!

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Who is Bruce Weide?

Bruce Weide

Straight Talk Wealth Radio is broadcast on AM radio weekly across the US. It was born out of the financial crisis of 2008 and was the mission of it's host, Bruce Weide, to fill a massive void in most American's retirement portfolio. This safety net would have literally saved hard-working Americans any grief in the crash of '08-'09 and let them pick right back up on the historic gains from the bottom of the markets when they turned.

Today, most of America seems to believe that the government has made everything all better now, and investment risk is a thing of the past - 2008 is never coming back or will always get fixed if it does.

Straight Talk Wealth radio contends that the United States equities markets have become perpetually stimulus-addicted. When global news is so bad that the federal Reserve must take drastic action to resuscitate it, the stock market loves it! However, Bruce Weide is working fervently to inform America that a day of reckoning must come for it's unhealthful addiction. Investors and savers beware! Subscribe to Straight Talk Wealth Radio Online at iTunes, by CLICKING HERE.